Laithwaite was correct & I am impressed

Laithewaite was correct. I now have a mathematical model that can predict – correctly – the weight of a rotating spinning wheel. I am so pleased, it seemed to take for ever to do this correctly.

 The model shows that in Laithwaite’s experiment, a 50 lb (about 23kg) wheel rotating at 7 rpm and spinning at 5,000 rpm, would have weighed 0.5 lb or 0.23 kg. That is, it is well within the weight a human wrist can handle.

So Laithewaite was correct. And it was not due to gyroscopic effects – I showed in 2005 the weight change can be observed even if the rotation was of the opposite sense required of the gyroscopic explanation. Wow!, because my calculations are not derived from gyroscopic mechanics.

 The range of this Laithwaite Effect is clearly > 0% and can be above 100%.


About Benjamin Solomon
Ben Solomon is a Committee Member of the Nuclear and Future Flight Propulsion Technical Committee, American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics (AIAA), and author of An Introduction to Gravity Modification and Super Physics for Super Technologies: Replacing Bohr, Heisenberg, Schrödinger & Einstein (with Kindle Version)

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