Collaboration to Test Non Quantum Mechanical Approach to Designing Materials

Progress (1):
I have used my numerical modeling expertise to derive a formula for gravitational acceleration that does not have mass in the formula, g=tau.c^2, where tau is the ratio of the change in time dilation to the change in distance.

Progress (2):
In the process I discovered non-inertia, Ni, fields, a shared property of gravitational, mechanical and electromagnetic forces.

Progress (3):
That work also showed that gravitational acceleration is independent of the internal structure of a particle, i.e. need not be quantum, string or anything else – gravity does not care.

Progress (4):
Therefore, I sought to find out what was the true probability distribution of a photon. Well, it is not a Gaussian distribution. It is a modified Gamma distribution.

The first three finding have been published as an American Institute of Physics Conference Proceeding, 2009.

Collaboration Sought:
I have almost completed developing elegantly simple photon behavior based on modified Gamma probability distribution that is not related to quantum theory. I’m looking for practitioners (scientist or engineers) who will collaborate with me to prove or disprove these formulae.  They need to have free access to lab, materials and their own sources of funding.

Example Testing:
(1) Quantum entanglement- there are additional restrictions that need to be tested.
(2) Shielding – There is a method to reducing the shielding effectiveness.
(3) Cloaking – This is a little more difficult but I think that cloaking is not the same as invisibility.

Please do contact me if you are interested in the possibility of collaboration. In particular I am interested in talking to materials manufactures who could, if we are successful, manufacture very light weight radiation shielding materials for future space exploration, etc.

I need to have some background info and how you would like to collaborate.

If there are enough responses I will set up a collaboration group on LinkedIn or Google Groups


About Benjamin Solomon
Ben Solomon is a Committee Member of the Nuclear and Future Flight Propulsion Technical Committee, American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics (AIAA), and author of An Introduction to Gravity Modification and Super Physics for Super Technologies: Replacing Bohr, Heisenberg, Schrödinger & Einstein (with Kindle Version)

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