This morning, in the comment section of this blog Feasibility Versus Viability, Kumaran Sanmugathasan asked for my comments on a Stardrive Engineering. (See comments section for links.)

I never pour cold water on other people’s work, and here are some suggestions.

First, from what I could infer, the engineering looks like that of a sophisticated lifter. An Italian team has done a lot of work on lifters – I wish I could remember their names. So this Stardrive could benefit from their work. I would like to see this built, to know if it works and if it is ‘Engineering Feasible’.

Second, any future technology that uses any of the three contemporary theories, relativity, quantum & string theories, needs to explain how momentum exchange is implemented from an engineering perspective.

Third, regarding diametric engines, I showed that Herman Bondi had both great and bad ideas. His positive and negative mass was a bad idea. Sorry Bondi. As stated in my book An Introduction to Gravity Modification, you must not be able to derive a perpectual motion machine. See pages 347-355, Rules for Interstellar Propulsion Theory.

I figure from the website that this Stardrive was proposed by Cetin. He references Eric Davis’ Interstellar Travel By Means of Wormhole Induction Propulsion. Obviously Eric Davis is a well respected physicist, but I have to disagree with him. The weakness is at the bottom of the first paragraph of the Introduction, Davis requires the use of exotic matter.

Lets press on.

1. The problem with exotic matter is that it is not Engineering Feasible. Look around you for proof. There is the possibility that exotic matter belongs to the class of ‘100-year Theories’ (solved within the next 100 years) but this is unlikely, and in my opinion exotic matter belongs to the class of  ‘Millennium Theories’ (solved within the next 1,000 years).

2. There is a problem with wormholes in general, that of time travel. If one is going back in history, two different things are happenning at the same time – never mind the paradoxes – (a) the traveller is moving forward in his time, and (b) the Universe is moving backwards in the Universe’s time. Now how can that be? For starters, the Universe is ‘everything’.

Read Morris Kline’s ‘Mathematics: Loss of Certainty’. So either the mathematics of wormholes is incorrect or our interpretation of these mathematical models are not correct, (just for completness) or both. Sure both General Relativity (GR) and Quantum Mechanics (QM) has given us a ton load of answers, but as a propulsion theory these theories are not there, and we need to move on.

3. Nuclear explosions is not a safe way to travel. Really? O.K. as an academic exercise I’ll accept.

4. A GR type theory can be broken into two parts the omega function (page 231) and the tensor part. Davis is operating on the tensor side, while I proposed changes to the omega function. Bear in mind that the electron’s acceleration (remember Principle of Equivalence) is far greater in a much weaker magnetic field than Davis proposes.

There are other problems but you have to read my bookto understand where I’m going, and why.


Benjamin T Solomon is the author & principal investigator of the 12-year study into the theoretical & technological feasibility of gravitation modification, titled An Introduction to Gravity Modification, to achieve interstellar travel in our lifetimes. For more information visit iSETI LLC, Interstellar Space Exploration Technology Initiative.


About Benjamin Solomon
I'm interest in numerical and statistical modeling for a profit, thus CMBS structured finance & loss vectors, defeasance, ... etc.

3 Responses to Stardrive?

  1. Kumaran Sanmugathasan says:

    Thank you for answering my question. I must really get your book. Have you heard of this energy researcher called mehran keshe who is a nuclear engineer who has developed a plasma reactor which he claims can provide antigravity lift. He claims he he has a prototype that has achieved lift. Website is , , . Patent is . this is a presentation by keshe at Eindhoven. Website is . He claims his craft will be seen as lights in the sky. What do you think of his work? He claims it is a kind of plasma fusion. He is planning to set up an online space institute here . Registration is free. He will be teaching about his technology and providing four free PDF e books based on his patents. What do you think of his work? On September 21st he will release all info on his technology to the worlds scientific community here . He has been promising to demonstrate since 2009 . In 2010 he claimed government suppression and didn’t demonstrate. Do you think there is any feasibility to his theory?

  2. Alex swage says:

    dear benjamin. soloman if real done your reseach better on star drive enineering by mark tomion the electrical engineer ! you would found out that warp drive work and based on mark tomion protype that was built and tested in 1992 before mark wrote manual book for engineering community to built a warp drive Saucer star ship ! mark tomion and tryed get contract with. N.A.S.A to built star drive star ships. we all the data and stats and photos in action ! the 6 engineers that tryed figure out how it works they were stumped with no understanding of how it work ! they kept asking where the gas tank fuel and where wings and hows it float in air ! this in 1992 mark and alex spent 6 hours on the phone for 5 days trying explain to 6. N.A.S.A engineers how star drive works ! it was like talking to a bunch of first grade school children for understanding ! they was none understanding for science ! Alex Swage

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