Mechanics of Gravity Modification

The Rocky Mountain chapter of the American Institute of Astronautics & Aeronautics (AIAA) will be having their 2nd Annual Technical Symposium, October 25 2013. The call for papers ends May 31 2013. I would recommend submitting your papers. This conference gives you the opportunity to put your work together in a cohesive manner, get feedback and keep your copyrights, before you write your final papers for journals you will submitting to. A great way to polish your papers.

Here is the link to the call for papers:

Here is the link to the conference:

I’ll be presenting 2 papers. The first is a slightly revised version of the presentation I gave at the APS April 2013 conference here in Denver ( The second is titled ‘The Mechanics of Gravity Modification’.

Fabrizio Brocca from Italy wanted to know more about the Ni field shape for a rotating-spinning-disc. Finally, a question from someone who has read my book. This is not easy to explain over email, so I’m presenting the answers to his questions at this conference, as ‘The Mechanics of Gravity Modification’. That way I can reach many more people. Hope you can attend, read the book, and have your questions ready.  I’m looking forward to your questions. This is going to be a lively discussion, and we can adjourn off conference.

My intention for using this forum to explain some of my research is straight forward. There will be (if I am correct) more than 100 aerospace companies in attendance, and I am expecting many of them will return to set up engineering programs to reproduce, test and explore gravity modification as a working technology.

Fabrizio Brocca I hope you can make it to Colorado this October, too.


Benjamin T Solomon is the author of the 12-year study An Introduction to Gravity Modification


About Benjamin Solomon
Ben Solomon is a Committee Member of the Nuclear and Future Flight Propulsion Technical Committee, American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics (AIAA), and author of An Introduction to Gravity Modification and Super Physics for Super Technologies: Replacing Bohr, Heisenberg, Schrödinger & Einstein (with Kindle Version)

One Response to Mechanics of Gravity Modification

  1. Hello. I think you are talking to the wrong people. Government organizations like NASA, DARPA, DOE and the Airforce already have antigravity technology. It is classified. The reason they keep promoting rocketry through NASA and the mass media and other things which are little better or that would cost 100’s of billions of $’s and many years of research to make feasable is so that by the time such technology is available to the public, the public will, our government hopes, including any shadow government, like the military-industrial complex, is so that even with such technology, they will be so far ahead of what is in public, and have us so tightly controlled, that we who want to be free of their obsession to control everything will have a near impossible chance to be free. I’m logically guessing that they have placed many sattelites throughout the solar system and possibly beyond to monitor activity both alien, and in the future, human, so that nothing, so they think, will be able to escape their control. They are like most corrupt people: they want a monopoly and no possibility of being dethroned, and whoever they choose to succeed them, which of course will be people who, they think, will raise their name/s as a good in history, rather than a greedy, arrogant and control-obsessed, lying, hypocrites. If you want to partner with such people over those like Laitwaithe, whom they deliberately slandered, either out of ignorance, jealousy and or to keep the masses they despise under control, I think it would backfire and be a waste of your time. If you have the money to fund my attempt to make space travel viable, let me know. I need a sponsor at the moment.

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