Is interstellar travel possible? Will it be possible in 200 years? Will it be sooner? To get a better sense of what and why, let us first review the four camps that comprise the present day interstellar travel community, then we will look at clues in Nature to develop the new physics.

The first camp, the conventional rocket camp, believes it is possible using conventional rockets (chemical, ion, nuclear or antimatter) to realize interstellar travel to our nearest star Alpha Centauri. One of the problems is the costs, estimated at an unthinkably large $238,596 billion and upwards. John Eades, a former senior scientist with CERN, in his March/April 2012 Skeptical Inquirer article “Antimatter Pseudoscience”, lays down the reasons why antimatter based propulsion will never be technologically feasible.

The second, the hypothesis camp, believes that there is some equation that will allow us to reach 1,000 x velocity of light** and upwards. Nonsense. Be very clear, the experimental evidence proves that anything with mass cannot be accelerated to exceed the velocity of light. Sure, we have hypotheses (i.e. mathematical guesses without experimental proof) that point every which way, but at best these are guesses and they have not or cannot be proven experimentally. In addition, Robert Nemiroff’s three photon discovery suggests that both quantum foam and quantum gravity may in part or whole invalidated while upholding relativity.

The third, the impossible camp, believes that interstellar travel is impossible. As Prof. Adam Franks stated in his July 24, 2012 New York Times Op-Ed, Alone in the Void, “Short of a scientific miracle of the kind that has never occurred, our future history for millenniums will be played out on Earth”. This group disagrees with the other two camps.

I belong to the fourth, the new physics camp, that there is a new physics that the other three camps do not subscribe to. There are 57 of us physicist-engineers from 16 countries, US, Russia, UK, China, Japan, Romania, Austria, India and more, who have researched or are researching new propulsion technologies that are not based on chemical, ion, nuclear or antimatter engines.

Change is coming.

I am the author of the 12-year study “An Introduction to Gravity Modification, Second Edition”. In 2007 I discovered a new formula for gravitational acceleration that does not require us to know the mass of the planet or star. This is an immense discovery, never before accomplished in the 346-year history, since Newton, of the physics of gravitational fields, as all theories on gravity require us to know the mass of the planet or star.

Gerard ‘t Hooft the 1999 Nobel Laureate showed in 2008 that gravitational forces can be present in space even where planets and stars are not. My work goes a step further. We can determine the acceleration present in space without any knowledge of the planets or stars that cause this gravitational field. We now have something radically different from what we already know, to form the basis of a new physics.

Could we test this finding on a problem where all other physicist-engineers have failed to solve? Prof. Eric Laithwaite’s Big Wheel experiment would be such a problem. Until now no one has solved it. The Big Wheel experiment is basically this. Pivot a wheel to the end of a 3-ft (1 m) rod. Spin this wheel to 3,000 rpm or more. Then rotate this rod with the spinning wheel at the other end.

It turns out that the Big Wheel experiment produces weight loss and gain. How interesting. This gives navigational control because such an engine would give us up-down, left-right and forward-backwards motion, and all that without intake or exhaust!

With this new physics it is possible to use electrical circuits to create force, and will one day replace all combustion engines. Imagine getting to Mars in 2 hours.

Change is coming.

But gravity modification is not the means for interstellar travel. To develop interstellar propulsion technology requires thinking outside the box. One possibility is, how do we ‘arrive’ without ‘travelling’. Surprisingly, Nature shows us that this is possible. Both photons and particles with mass (electrons, protons & neutrons) have probabilistic natures. If these particles pass through a slit they ‘arrive’ at either sides of the slit, not just straight ahead! This ‘arrival’ is governed by probabilities.

Therefore, interstellar travel technology requires an understanding of how probability is implemented in Nature, and we need to figure out how to control the ‘arrival’ event, somewhat like the Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’s ‘infinite improbability drive’.

Neither relativity nor quantum mechanics can explain probabilities. I proposed that probabilities are a property of subspace and the way to interstellar travel. If subspace does exist then interstellar travel will be a reality in 30-years.

Why? Who wants to be left behind?!


** A few weeks ago, I found an internet reference to a paper on achieving “1000+velocity of light using quantum foam” by a fairly well know physicist, and it is gone now (Robert Nemiroffs’ finding may have caused him to remove his link), but don’t worry it will resurface soon, and when it does I will post the link here.


The objectives of iSETI LLC are:
1. To develop prototype electrical circuits etched into semiconductor chips that create thrust, Ni Field Thrusters
2. To commercialize Ni Field Thrusters.
3. To replace every combustion engine with Ni Field Thrusters.

My team responded to the DARPA/NASA 100 Year Starship Study RFP. Unfortunately we did not get it. Never one to stay down, I will be starting an alternative to this 100YSS program to accomplish interstellar travel in less than a 100 years. Therefore, I have started the LinkedIn group Interstellar Travel & Gravity Modification. Serious participants are invited to join.


Major Accomplishments:
1. Discovered the massless formula for gravitational acceleration g=(tau)c^2.
2. Discovered Ni Fields and the unification of gravitational, electromagnetic and mechanical forces.
3. Solved Laithwaite’s Big Wheel phenomenon, previously considered impossible by experimental & classical, physicists & engineers.
4. Discovered the photon’s Spatial Probability Field and the new Var-Gamma probability distribution.
5. Unified resolution, transmission, shielding, invisibility into a single phenomenon.
6. Discovered spectrum independent photon analytics.
7. Discovered subspace and how probability is implemented in Nature.
8. Proposed that the wavefunction is the particle’s disturbance of spacetime and not the particle itself.


Published Ground Breaking Papers:
1. Solomon, B. T., “Non-Gaussian Radiation Shielding,” in the proceedings of the 100 Year Starship Study Public Symposium (100YSS), 2011.
2. Solomon, B.T., “Gravitational Acceleration Without Mass And Noninertia Fields”, Physics Essays, Vol. 24, 327, 2011. [Phys. Essays 24, 327 (2011)]
3. Solomon, B. T., “Reverse Engineering Podkletnov’s Experiments,” in the proceedings of the Space, Propulsion & Energy Sciences International Forum (SPESIF-11), Edited by Glen A Robertson, Physics Procedia, Elsevier Science.
4. Solomon, B. T., “Non-Gaussian Photon Probability Distributions,” in the proceedings of the Space, Propulsion & Energy Sciences International Forum (SPESIF-10), Edited by Glen A Robertson, AIP Conference Proceedings 1208, Melville, New York, (2010).
5. Solomon, B. T., “An Approach to Gravity Modification as a Propulsion Technology,” in the proceedings of the Space, Propulsion & Energy Sciences International Forum (SPESIF-09), Edited by Glen A Robertson, AIP Conference Proceedings 1103, Melville, New York, (2009).


2006 Certificate, Professional Program in Relativity, Gravity, and Cosmology [8.06s], Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
1995   Master of Business Studies, Banking and Finance, University College Dublin, Ireland
1982   Master of Arts, Operations Research, University of Lancaster, United Kingdom
1980   Post-Graduate Diploma in Operations Research, University of Lancaster, United Kingdom
1979   Bachelor’s Degree, Electronics Engineering, University of Aston in Birmingham, United Kingdom1


Benjamin T Solomon
PO Box 8532
Denver, CO 80201


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